Rebecca Germano is a designer who loves to bring brands to life ✨

Currently based in São Paulo, Brazil, Rebecca has a bachelor's degree from ESPM-SP in Visual Design. But her career as a designer has started before college.

Since a very early age she would navigate through the internet learning new softwares and creating t-shirts, photo manipulations, notebook covers for eherything she enjoyed, and even a popular fansite. The attraction for translating her many passions into visual communications became clear soon, and are still a part of her life in her personal projects.

Her professional career is now focused on bringing brands to life with authenticity and fun, but always with a very strategic mindset. She has worked with small and large brands like Latam, Petrobras, Loggi, Rendimento, Sulamerica and VR. Nowadays she works at Marcas com Sal as a Brand Designer and also takes freelance work from time to time.
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